Quartz Carpet Launches Terradec – Decorative Resin Bound Porous Surfacing

Terradec patio

After several years of product testing and research in Europe, Quartz Carpet is pleased to announce the launch of Terradec in the American market, adding to their wide range of architectural coating solutions.

Terradec is an innovative, resin bound paving system that provides a decorative and natural looking permeable surface, providing a cost effective solution for outdoor projects. It’s porous composition allows water to permeate through the surface and beyond, creating an ideal surface over sustainable urban drainage system installations.

Terradec is available in a wide range of natural aggregates, and provides a seamless, porous, hard-wearing, low maintenance and decorative surface that can be applied to a variety of substrates, including concrete, asphalt and soil.

Terradec is ideal for commercial projects including parking lots, access roads, residential developments, public works, national and regional parks, and outdoor malls. It’s also an excellent choice for a variety of municipality landscaping projects, including tree pits.

Terradec resin surfacing solutions are available for installation by a nationwide network of approved contractors.


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