Chic Design – Custom Quartz Carpet Seamless Stone Flooring in Brooklyn Laundromat

Our Quartz Carpet products continue to impress architects, designers and clients in North America. As we create awareness of our unique products, occasionally, we encounter both clients and professionals who are familiar with our products. Take, for example, a chic new laundromat located in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.

The principles of this unique concept specifically sought out our products after having viewed many of our installations in the European market. They had a vision and executed their plan flawlessly. In fact, Vogue magazine dubbed their location “Brooklyn’s coolest new hangout.”



The floor design incorporated a custom blending of three colors with various grain sizes over an existing ceramic tile floor saving them half of the cost of a Terrazzo floor.

Quartz Carpet Pebble Flooring is a resilient, hand troweled, seamless floor covering that combines natural Quartz granules with resin. Its open surface structure creates the effect of a carpet with the endurance of tile flooring. It’s perfect for commercial, residential, medical, and hospitality spaces.

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