A Decades Old Brooklyn Cooperative Residence gets a Fresh New Look

Mortar Flooring


When our client decided it was time to update their decades old building, they selected Quartz Carpet PPS Mortar flooring.

Quartz mortar flooring is a resin –rich, aggregate filled, seamless epoxy based surface with high density & compressive strength for exceptional durability. It consists of very fine granulated Quartz pebbles ranging in sizes between 4mm – 2.0mm and provides exceptional durability & strength as well as a seamless, highly decorative surface with good chemical resistance, superior abrasion and impact resistance.

Mortar flooring is perfect for a wide range of industries including but not limited to manufacturing facilities, animal care facilities, food & beverage processing areas as well as locker and shower rooms. The unlimited color selection and variable surface textures produce a range of slip-resistant finishes essential to high traffic common areas.

In order to demonstrate the effortless maintenance of Mortar flooring, we’ve worked closely with the building service staff who would be responsible for maintaining it. A simple daily vacuum & periodic light cleaning with a damp mop are all that are needed to maintain this product’s beauty for years to come. Harsh chemicals are not required for cleaning.

The final surface can incorporate an integral cove base, or a coating that is suitable for any high traffic area.


Take a look at our Broadcast & Mortar Flooring: http://quartzcarpetpps.com/broadcast-mortar-flooring/

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