A seamless floor is a floor with no grout lines or continuity breaks, laid in one large panel sometimes hundreds of square metres in area. The benefits of a seamless floor are extensive and apart from their aesthetic appeal most seamless floors are also non-slip yet smooth, durable, hygienic and …Read More

Quartz Seamless Stone Flooring

Flawless Flooring – The Quartz Carpet Option

Over the past eight years a trend has emerged to create clean-looking seamless floors with no tile joints or dirty grout lines. This trend has encouraged leading tile suppliers to market rectified tiles, which are butt-jointed to create the seamless effect.
The natural stone flooring market has risen by 14% to …Read More

Terradec patio

Quartz Carpet Launches Terradec – Decorative Resin Bound Porous Surfacing

After several years of product testing and research in Europe, Quartz Carpet is pleased to announce the launch of Terradec in the American market, adding to their wide range of architectural coating solutions.
Terradec is an innovative, resin bound paving system that provides a decorative and natural looking permeable surface, providing …Read More